About Hannah...

Hannah Kanter is an actor, singer, and dancer from Los Angeles, California. Besides musical theater, she enjoys writing music, playing the guitar and piano, strumming on her ukulele, and just hanging out with friends! 

Hannah’s creativity and artistic nature emerged in grade school when she began conceiving of intricate Halloween costumes that replicated historical figures. Salvador Dalí, Dora Maar, and William Shakespeare were just three of the personalities Hannah masterfully donned in outfit and character alike.

As Hannah’s creativity flourished in middle school, she discovered a penchant for theater that was destined to drive the rest of her academic journey, personal life, and eventual career. Now, an accomplished performer, Hannah’s boundless talent and focused work ethic have earned her leading roles in countless theatrical productions.

Hannah continues to hone her skills by living her craft daily. She has also exhibited leadership abilities in her role as President of the Music Honor Society at her high school and by collaborating with organizations that work to ensure that the arts are accessible to underserved students from neighboring schools.